Tales by Moons-light Series

Award-Winning Science-Rich Adventure Stories for Middle Grade Readers


Do you have a child or student who loves to read? Are you looking for books that are fresh and creative, unlike anything on the market? Books that spin magical tales while also hooking young people into science? You’ve come to the right place! This nationally award-winning Tales by Moons-Light™ series of books for middle grade readers, aged 9-12, is designed to do just that.

Frankie and Gift of Fantasy launched in Fall 2020 and Tales by Moons-light: Stories from before the Great Melt launched in Spring 2021. Elvia and the Gift of Passion is close behind, slated for publication in Spring, 2022. Explore the books in this series. You’re sure to find a story that will spark the imagination of your young reader.


Book Awards

Wishing Shelf Award Winner