Tales by Moons-light:
Stories from Before the Great Melt

e-book and paperback available now!

In the best tradition of William Steig, Aesop’s Fables and Tales of Beedle the Bard, this companion volume to Ruthy’s Ballard’s Tales by Moons-Light series spins seven beautifully written tales from a distant, two-mooned planet called Urth.

Margie and her younger brother are snatched from their beds by an evil sorceress who whisks them off to her castle far, far away. Where are they and how will they get home? Can Margie, with her clever, logical mind figure it out?

A boy named Bai tries to save the village of Curimicu from certain disaster. It’s a race against the clock. He must speak up before it’s too late. But if he finds the courage, will anyone listen?

A wicked fortune-teller is terrorizing a town. Can the king’s son expose him for the evil trickster he is? Or will the so-called “astrovisionary” cast a spell on his father as well, and find his way into the palace?

Rich in science, yet wildly creative, each story carries a timeless lesson. Whether a child lives on Urth or Earth, this exciting book is best read before bed, under the covers, with a flashlight on…

Tales by Moons-light E-book Trailer